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Vol 2 No 4 (2018): Bioscientia Medicina
Published: 2018-12-08


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BioScientia Medicina

A Peer Reviewed Research Journal of Biomedicine and Translational Research

An international Peer-review journal in the field of biomedicine and translational research published by Indonesian Biomedicine Society. BioScientia Medicina publishes quarterly.

BioScientia Medicina is an international scholarly journal in the field of biomedicine and translational research aimed to publish a high-quality scientific paper including original research papers, reviews, short communication, and technical notes. This journal welcomes the submission of articles that offering a sensible transfer of basic research to applied clinical medicine.  BioScientia Medicina covers the latest developments in various fields of biomedicine with special attention to Medical Sciences,  Indonesia Traditional Herb, genetics, immunology, environmental health, toxicology, bioinformatics and biotechnology as well as multidisciplinary studies. The views of experts on current advances in nanotechnology and molecular/cell biology will be also considered for publication as long as they have a direct clinical impact on human health.