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Introduction. A CO 2 incubator is an essential tool for the initiation of the
proliferation of primary culture cells or cell lines. In principle, this tool works by
keeping the sample cell line at an optimum temperature of 37 o C and 5% carbon
dioxide supply. The ability of the CO 2 incubator to maintain temperature and supply
of 5% carbon dioxide are essential points in the development of the CO 2 incubator.
This study is an attempt to convince the potential of Sriwijaya CO 2 Incubator in
maintaining the proliferation ability of cultured cells in an in vitro study. Methods.
This study is an experimental pre-post test that explores the percentage of viability
of primary culture cells (fibroblasts) before and after incubation in CO 2 incubators.
The object of this study was fibroblast cells obtained from the prepuce of patients
who performed circumcision. Results. Fibroblast cell proliferation in CO 2 incubators
shows an increase in the number of fibroblast proliferation which can be seen with
the increasing number of cells visualized by inverted microscopy. Conclusion.
Sriwijaya CO 2 incubator has the potential to be used in in vitro research to trigger
the growth and proliferation of fibroblast cells.


Incubator In Vitro Study Fibroblast Cell Culture Cell Cell Lines

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Wardiansyah, Rachmat Hidayat, & Msy Rulan Adnindya. (2020). The Potential of CO2 Incubator "Sriwijaya CO2 Incubator" Against Cell Culture Proliferation In Invitro Study As Smart Controlling-Based CO2 Incubator For Cell Culture. Bioscientia Medicina : Journal of Biomedicine and Translational Research, 5(3), 268-271.