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Background: Xerosis skin and pruritus is the most commonly found in elderly with
symptoms mild to severe recurrent pruritus, the skin looks rough, scaly, fissured or
cracked caused defects in the epidermal barrier function, increase co-morbidity as
chronic infections and ulcers that are difficult to heal can decrease the quality of life.
Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) has been traditionally used for people in tropical region
as a moisturizer and anti-bacterial effect. In recent study that essential plant oil
mixture have effect synergistically as anti inflammatory, anti pruritus, promoting
wound healing may act promoting barrier skin and therapeutic. Objective: Efficacy
and safety of plant oil mixtures as therapeutic and maintenance moisturizer.for
Xerosis and pruritus in elderly Method:A randomized controlled trial was involved
61 elderly from nursing home and geriatric clinic in Moh. Hoesin General Hospital.
They were randomized into 2 groups: plant oil mixtures (n=30) and Virgin Coconut
oil (VCO) (n=31), applied on the volar legs twice a day for 4 weeks.Outcomes were
measured at baseline and weekly, week 2 and 4.To measure of clinical dry score
used ODSS; pruritus severity and side effect used VAS; for skin hydration used
corneometer CM825and for sebum level used sebumeter SM 810. Results:Clinical
dry score, pruritus severity of plants oil mixtures group were significantly decreased
than VCO at week 2 and 4 (p 0.000). Skin hydration and sebum level of plants oil
mixture group were significantly increased than VCO at week 2 and 4 (p
0.000).Clinical dry score, pruritus severity, skin hydration, andskin sebum levels of
plant oil mixtures were significantly better than VCO at week 4 (p 0.000). There is
no side effects on both of plant oil mixtures and VCO groups Conclusion: Plant oil
mixtures add pureCelin oil showed better efficacy as a therapeutin and maintanance
moisturizer for xerosis and pruritus in elderly. Both of plant oil mixtures and VCO
can be tolerated and safe to use.


Plant Oil Mixtures (Calendula, Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary) VCO Clinical Dry Score Pruritus Severity Skin Surface Lipid Skin Sebum Level

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Yulia Farida Yahya, Vani, O., Dimas Ega Wijaya Putra, Cyntya Sari Sovianti, Damai Trislinawati, Tiar Marina, & Nur Riviati. (2020). The Efficacy and Safety of Plant Oil Mixtures in the Treatment of Xerosis with Pruritus in Elderly People: Randomized double blind Controlled Trial. Bioscientia Medicina : Journal of Biomedicine and Translational Research, 5(3), 255-262.